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At Financial Services Asia, our aim is to partner with you to create financial comfort, help and protect your family, and build a solid foundation that will give you financial security no matter what life throws at you.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you and we believe in being open, honest and ethical.

Knowledge empowers you , see how we can help you achieve a stable
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We believe we are different to many of the advisory firms operating in Asia and and being unique gives us an edge. Here are some of the reasons why clients choose us:

We reduce costs
Many offshore financial solutions have multiple levels of charges and fee's which are designed to make the advisory revenue. The issue with this is that fee's can eat away at your performance. Where possible we reduce or remove these completely meaning your money can work harder for you.

We don't cold call
Have you ever been at work and received an unsolicited phone call trying to book a meeting? Then received another call? And another? . We do not believe in cold calling and prefer to rely on introductions and referrals. The only time you will receive a call from us is by prior arrangement or if you have been referred to us.

We believe in Capital Protection
We love to see good growth in our clients portfolio's however the markets can be volatile. We have a range of 100% capital protected products which are designed to protect your money in case of a global credit event.

We offer discounts
We can reduce the costs of certain products by rebating fee's that we would normally receive. We are not greedy and you deserve better.

We have many partners
Whilst we are good at what we do, we understand that we cannot know everything about everything. So we have cultivated a network of partners who have various specialties and we can use their knowledge for your benefit.

Our Products

A variety of financial services available

100% Capital Protected Products

If your priority is capital protection then we can help. Available as either lump sum or regular savings, we can protect your money meaning you will never get back less than you put in. Term conditions apply. Please get in touch for more information.

Fixed Income Solutions

If volatility is not for you then we have a suite of Fixed Income products over a range of terms. Fixed income means that your return will be the same no matter what happens in the markets. Terms from three to six years and a variety of returns available, we have access to asset backed solutions to meet your needs..

Discretionary Portfolio Management

We have access to a variety of discretionary fund managers who can create a portfolio specifically with your requirements in mind. Historically only available to high net worth individuals, you can now access these services.

UK Pension Options

If you have worked in the UK and have contributed to a UK pension scheme then we can help. We will review your current arrangement and see if there is a better way. Due to the recent Finance Act capping pension fees, we may be able to reduce your costs and stimulate growth. We can also help you consolidate multiple pensions into one scheme thus reducing paperwork and costs.

Australian Superannuation

If you have contributed to a Superannuation and have since left Australia then we can help. Many Supers fail to beat the market average of 11%, they lack liquidity and are placed into expensive generic mutual funds. If you want your Super to work harder for you then get in touch. We have teamed up with an AFS Licensed firm based in Melbourne who deliver results.

QROPS review

If you have transferred your pension into a QROPs then we can reduce your costs. Many QROPs have excessive fees which can restrict growth. We have also found that the underlying investments can be expensive too. We review your current situation and look for an alternative offering you better value. There is no cost for this service. Simply send us a copy of your statement and we will take a look.

Education Planning

Living offshore normally means that educational costs can be very high. If education is important to you for your children then we can create a savings plan that will help you reach your objectives, helping finance your children's future.


Whether you are looking at medical cover, or Life insurance, we have you and your family covered. We use a variety of product providers and can build a product designed with your needs in mind. Annual, Term and Whole of life policies.

Succession Planning

Very morbid subject however what happens when you die? Is your family looked after? Have you shielded them from Inheritance and estate tax?. Are your assets going to the right person without probate getting in the way? If you are unsure then get in touch as we can help.


In order to get you on track financially we have a process that takes you from where you are to where you need to be.

We do a fact find
This is a financial questionnaire which is designed to help analyse your current financial situation and find out what your objectives are for the future.We try and cover as many aspects as possible in order to build up a clear picture of your requirements as every client is unique and has different needs.

We research the market
We use the information from the fact find to help find a tailor made solution for you that takes you where you need to go. As we are fully independent we get to use solutions from the whole of the industry and we are not tied to any one particular firm.

We present the solution
We will discuss the product(s) that match your requirements and will explain why we believe it is suitable. We believe in full transparency and we will discuss both the pro's and the con's along with any applicable fee's so that you are fully informed.

We process the paperwork
Once you are 100% happy we will process the paperwork (if applicable). We will explain everything that you are signing. We will submit this to the product provider and keep you up to date with everything along the way. We will inform you once your application has been processed.

We have regular reviews
Once your product is live we will commit to having regular reviews with you. This firstly allows us to update you on how your policy or product is doing. It will also allow you to update us on any changes in your personal circumstances. What is right for you today may be wrong for you tomorrow so this will allow us to adapt as your needs change.

We will ask for referrals
If you are 100% happy with us then we would like you to refer us to your friends and colleagues. As we do not believe in cold calling a referral helps us grow and expand as a business.





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